High energy Rock & Roll band, categorized as one of the most exciting and entertaining live acts around!


StOp,sToP! was formed in Barcelona/Spain in 2009, founded by the lead singer/bassist Jacob A.M. The band experienced several short-term lineup changes but soon, drummer Danny Spasov and lead guitarist Vega, joined in and made the right mesh. The band’s debut album, ‘Unlimited’, soon was crafted and released in January 2010.

Things weren´t going as well as they expected and the frustration of nothing happening in Spain made Jacob come up with a plan. In 2011 they moved to the U.K. They had $25 between them, lived in the streets, slept in the van and busked until they finally got into the pub gigs circuit in England.


“-We left everything behind in Barcelona, bought a van with all our savings and dreams, put all our equipment in it and moved to the UK not looking back nor giving a damn about anything but rock and roll.

We started playing in the streets where we got some money for food. No showers for weeks, slept in that tiny little goddamn cold van and hardly had the chance to communicate with our families but we carried on, we were living the adventure of our lives with one thing in mind, we rather die living the dream than a lifetime of regrets, two options were left for us: death or Rock & Roll!

Soon after that, we made good friends all over the land that helped us so much and gave us everything they had. We spent months sleeping on everybody's floors around the country, got fed and well looked after by our fans.

The pub gigs were essential and the bookings were going crazy, the following was growing quickly and soon we could afford to pay rent, we got a house and lived together from then on. 

The house meant progress and we could work on new music and chase better gigs with the internet thing. The situation got better and better and every penny was invested on new equipment, music videos, new recording and clothes!

We were having really good reviews, air plays on big radio stations, European tours, we even toured the US...Everything, absolutely everything happened because of our work and the support of our fans, nothing else...-“


Finally they got a house to live and grow as a band in Birmingham/U.K. The second album, ‘Join the Party’, was released (April 17th, 2014), got a record deal with the German label “Metalapolis Records” with UK gigs taking place every weekend, tours throughout Europe and also playing at some important international festivals like Rocklahoma (U.S.A) , The Ice Rock Festival (Switzerland), SleazeFest (Germany), HEAT Festival (Germany), The Godney Gathering (U.K.) or Hard Rock Hell (U.K.).


Another album, 'Barceloningham', was released (7th October, 2016) under the same label. Not happy about the results and the lack of exposure they were getting, in 2018 the band took back control of their music and videos and went independent again.

Their 4th studio work 'Get Selfied' came out (15th April, 2019), the single “The Last Call”, made it to major radio stations ('Planet Rock'/'Kerrang'/'BBC Radio'…) and finally gave the band the visibility they deserved.

A successful tour around Europe followed in 2019, planned to be continued all throughout 2020, had to be cancelled, the consequences Covid-19 caused have been devastating and got the band out of the road for most of the year. Restless and persisting, they have found the chance to concentrate on writing new material and even getting a new album together that will be released in 2021.


Band impressions:

" - StOp,sToP! is a trio that did the 1st 2 weeks support for the recent SOTO tour, they were completely unknown by everyone in the crowd and had them eating out of the palm of their hands by the end. Very fun, very entertaining, very energetic and balls to wall, frenetic and unapologetic! - "

Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Sons Of Apollo)

“ - Hailing from Barcelona this 3 piece rock band will transport you back to the good times when the metal was glam, the hair was big and guys wore make - up and didn't give a two shit monkeys what anyone thought coz they rocked like muthafuc*ers and that's exactly what these guys do - " 


Uber Rock 
“ - Playing a blistering set of riffs, thundering guitars and soaring vocals StOp,sToP! aren't afraid to put on a show! – " 

Metal Hammer  

" - Stop Stop have to be one of the hardest working touring bands right now, these guys eat, sleep and breathe rock n' roll. Their sound is reminiscent of the glory days of 80's rock but yet they still manage to sound unique and modern. Kick-ass rock for the 21st Century! - "

Darren Simons (The Victoria)

" - Brilliant showmanship and talented musicians. The crowd were on form as well so many fans singing to every word which is amazing to see for an originals band. What an incredible band and party atmosphere! - "

Phillip Deacon (The County Music Bar)

Line Up

Jacob A.M.
Bass and lead vocals
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Guitar and vocals
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Danny S.
Drums and vocals
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